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Marcio’s been instrumental in the growth of the SYP course.

Khe Hy


I’m lucky to have worked with Marcio as the business has now doubled its monthly revenue with a clear path to far larger numbers in the near future.

Robbie Crabtree

Performative Speaking

Marcio’s coaching has allowed us to roll out a valuable online course, immediately surpass our minimum audience, and expand to something special in just 6 weeks.

Ted Seides

Capital Allocators

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"I want to create my course the right way..."

Creating a course is more like sculpting than it is like building.

That’s because you already have the “know how”, you probably just need the “how to”.

"I've created my course, now I need sales..."

Getting your first 1k in course sales is an important milestone. And we can help you get there faster.

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"I'm getting sales, what should I focus on to scale?"

Once you have some sales it can be tricky to identify where to focus your time and resources.

Learn to sell your course like Ali Abdaal, David Perell, Khe Hy and more..

One of the best ways for you to get inspiration for your course, is to look at what other successful creators are doing.

There are endless examples of self-serve or evergreen courses.

But if you are planning on creating a cohort-based course or a membership program, it can be a bit harder to find good examples for you to look at.

We’ve put together a list of cohort-based courses and membership programs from some of the best creators we know, like David Perell, Tiago Forte, Khe Hy and Joanna Wiebe.

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See the sales pages of 6 and 7-figure courses

This single file includes over 15 courses from top Creators like:
  • David Perrel, Write of Passage
  • Khe Hy, Supercharge Your Productivity
  • Ali Abdaal, Part-time Youtuber and more.

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