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We believe online marketing is one of the funnest ways to have an impact in the world today.

Proven Tips To Boost Your Shopify Traffic

Shopify SEO Case Study: Increase Your Traffic by 79%

Learn how I created content for a Shopify store that increased traffic by 79% in just 1 week. And I was able to do that for a tiny Shopify store, in a small niche.

Shopify SEO Tips: How I Increased Search Traffic by 20% Without Expensive Tools or New Content

Learn how I was able to increase the organic traffic of my client’s Shopify store, without creating new content.

How to Increase Organic Traffic By 87% In 3 Weeks

Increase organic traffic to your website, with one of my favourite SEO techniques: The Talk Show Technique

Winning The Online Game Is a Process

1. Show up

Do you have a process to make sure your audience can find you, and learn from you consistently?

2. Standout

The world is a noisy place. That’s why it’s more important than ever to make sure you standout.

3. connect

You’re showing up, your standing out, now it’s time to make customers happy, capture value, and grow.

4. learn

What get’s measured gets managed. Make sure you are tracking your efforts so you can learn, adapt and improve your future campaigns.

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