We believe teaching is the highest form of human intelligence.

At Nerd Digital we empower course creators to reach more people with their knowledge.

We do this by implementing a proven method to launch courses that reach thousands of students and generate 6-figures in sales.

      How we got started

      Our Founder, Marcio Santos, started playing in digital marketing in 1999 working at a boutique web and branding agency during the day, while he went to school at night, where he studied business.

      Boy meets marketing…

      But it wasn’t until his third year that he took his first of many marketing courses, and gave a presentation on the Xbox 360 rebranding and launch did things change for him. His professor was so impressed, she invited Marcio to present another 3 times to different classes. This sparked even greater interest in Marcio, who went on to launch and sell an online gaming community.

      Agency life is a busy life

      From then, Marcio worked with other agencies where he led projects for brands like BMW, Scotiabank, BMO, and McCormick. As is the case in most agencies, Marcio worked round the clock to make sure projects were done on time, and up to the demands of his clients.

      And when his mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, he decided to work from home under the Nerd Digital brand, so he could enjoy more time with his mom.

      Since then, Nerd Digital expanded and has now serviced 7 and 8 figure businesses like Boston Comic-con, Kettle & Fire, Fanexpo Canada, Remedy Kombucha, THE TEN SPOT and many others. 

      A new focus

      During the COVID-19 pandemic Nerd Digital worked with a small course creator and blogger named Khe, from Radreads.

      That engagement reignited Marcio’s passion for marketing because of the impact Nerd Digital had on his client’s business, doubling that business in less than 12 months, and the close relationship his agency was able to develop.

      Since then, Marcio has shifted the focus of Nerd Digital to work entirely with course creators and is actively building a team of nimble experts that also believe in the power of continuous self-improvement and the role independent course creators have on the future of work.


      Is your course ready for a 6-figure launch?

      Find out, then learn the 2 things every course launch needs to succeed.

      Marcio Santos

      Marcio Santos

      Founder at Nerd Digital


      Hi, I’m Marcio the Founder of Nerd Digital. I’m obsessed with helping Course Creators reach more people.

      Is Your Course Ready For a 6-Figure Launch?

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