We give Marketers with inconsistent traffic customized strategies & support to build consistent passive traffic.

How we are different

Buying SEO courses are great, but they lack specific tips for your business and niche.

Consultants are usually good at fixing things, but not at teaching you and your team how to get things done, meaning that you’ll rely on them forever.


Nerd Digital Growth Agreement

  • Accessible: Email, phone and online support to answer your questions.
  • Transparent: We’ll never recommend shady SEO tactics
  • Customized: Feedback and support for your business, not generic advice.

    How we got started

    Our Founder, Marcio Santos, started Nerd Digital because he wanted to care for his mother who has Alzheimer’s Disease, and because he was unable
    to get a job elsewhere at the time.

    So he took the leap and quit his agency job. And with the support of his family they were able to make it work.

    Today, nerd digital, strives to help it’s employees, partners and customers enjoy more time with their families and friends.


    Want more traffic to your website?

    Need to generate more traffic and convert them into sales?
    Feel like you don’t know how to leverage SEO?

    Then do yourself a favor and get help today.

    Marcio Santos

    Marcio Santos

    Head Nerd @ Nerd Digital


    Hi, I’m Marcio the Founder of Nerd Digital. I’m a bit obsessed with SEO and helping people like you get more organic traffic. 

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