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Scale Your Course Sales to 6-Figures and Beyond..

Over the past five year we’ve worked companies like Kettle & Fire, Marketcircle, Candyfunhouse, Remedy Kombucha and more helping them to grow their sales online.

We’ve worked on a range of customer acquisition and growth campaigns using:

  • SEO
  • Conversion rate optimization
  • Paid ads
  • Lead generation
  • Email marketing
  • Web analytics
  • and more

12 months ago we received an email from a type of customer we’d never worked with before:

A Course Creator.

Like many of the course creators out there today, this specific one was stuck at 5-figures in sales for his course launches.

So, we took him on as a client.

We used the most impactful strategies we learned working with ecommerce websites, and B2B companies and within the next 12 months this is what happened to his sales:

course launch growth

After making such an impact and having a great time doing it, we decided to focus on helping more course creators.

Learn About Our Rapid Growth Sprints (10 spots available)

Why We Focus on Course Creators

We believe course creators are and will be some of the most important and influential people in the new economy where AI, and machine learning will eradicate many jobs and professions in the job market today.

The rapid and constant change will require training, and retraining from experts, consultants and coaches like you.

The thing is, if you really want to help others, and make over $100k in sales and beyond, you need to do more than create a course:

You must consider creating a course with support, frameworks, coaching and community.

Humans are better than machines..

Machines are great at making calculations, but they will never replace the richness of our human connections.

In order for people to learn, adapt to a new profession, industry or country they need both the information and the emotional support to get there.

Standalone courses (aka evergreen course, self-serve course) are great  for teaching static, fundamental ideas.

In most other situations students require specific guidance (coaching) that matches their situation (industry, journey, personality) in order to learn and implement new highly-skilled work.

All of this means its still early days for online courses.

At the moment we offer a high-ticket one-to-one coaching service, that helps course creators quickly scale from $0 to $50k and $100k+.

We currently take on 3 clients per quarter so that we can dedicate as much time and resources as possible to help you grow fast.

Scale your course sales to 6-figures and beyond

If you are serious about scaling your course or coaching program, click the link below to speak with someone our team.

Learn About Our Rapid Growth Sprints (10 spots available)

To your growh,

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