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The Definitive Guide to Selling your Online Course

There’s a lot of content out there on how to create your course. But the most important thing you need to be successful as a Course Creator is you need to know how to sell your course.

Learn how to attract the right audience, get them excited about your launch, and then invite them them to buy your course to maximize your profitability, and live life on your terms.

Attract the right people to buy your course

Attracting visitors to your website is great, but to sell your course you need to make sure they convert and get excited about what how you can help them.

  • Define the audience you want to help and teach
  • Finding students for your course 
  • Content research to promote your course
  • Transform your research into SEO optimized content
  • How to promote your course by becoming friends with people
  • Use YouTube the right way to promote your course
  • Youtube SEO & promotion tips
  • Create your vault page – The home for your content

Marketing fundamentals for course creators

Most course creators struggle because they fail to understand the fundamental building blocks of promoting and selling courses. That’s exactly what this section is about.

  • Is your course ready for launch quiz
  • Your Course Marketing Funnel
  • Your course roadmap

Get people excited to take your course

Now that you’ve attracted your ideal customer Attracting visitors to your website is great, but to sell your course you need to make sure they convert and get excited about what how you can help them.

You are probably familiar with SEO, but in this section I want to give you specific tips, examples and tools you can use to get more free traffic from Google and Youtube, to your website to help you promote and sell your course.

  • Avoid these common SEO pitfalls to get more traffic to your site like clockwork
  • Youtube SEO & promotion tips
  • Use these powerful psychological triggers and get into the minds of your audience
    Create a quiz
  • Lead magnet examples

Maximize the profits of your course launch

Before you hit launch, implement these tactics to get the most out of the hard work you’ve put into building your posts, videos, and emails.

  • Squeeze every last drop of your list with this email marketing tip
  • Remarketing tips: Remind your prospects to buy your course before you close the cart
  • Build regular cashflow by selling daily instead of once or twice year.
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