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Should you hire an agency?

I believe you can do anything you put your mind to.

And achieving great results with organic traffic is no different.

But like everything else, you need the right combination of skills, experience, abilities and tools to get it done. That’s where we come in:

We’ve been there before – In the last year and half, we’ve sharpened our SEO, content marketing, and content promotion chops to build organic traffic to 10 websites. In different industries. For companies of different sizes. We can do the same for you.

Faster than you can say, SEO – Get your SEO audit, content strategy, and first article published within the first month of starting your engagement with us. How long did it take you to think about what content to write, create it, edit it, create graphics for it, publish it and promote it? Oh wait, you haven’t published yet?

Don’t just imagine it, make it happen – You’ve been thinking about a steady flow of free organic traffic to your site. Imagine what it will feel like 1 month from now to see a spike in organic traffic to your site that will grow, month over month.

Systematic nerds – We have processes within processes that feed into other processes. This is how we’re able to audit your site and competitors, find keyword gems, create content and promote it with such efficiency. That’s how we roll.

ROI – You’re here for one reason and that’s to get a positive result on your investment through SEO, am I right? Now, how many people do you know that can show you the sites they’ve doubled organic traffic for, in the just 3 months? Or that have taken a site from virtually 0 visitors to 1,000+ plus in a matter of weeks?

Mastery – Call it a core belief, a way of being or just a cool word. We believe that the pursuit of mastery is a path to success. It’s also how we explain our results. We just focus on one thing, and that’s creating magnetic content that drives results.

Fully loaded – Our tool-shed is stocked up with thousands of dollars worth of the best SEO tools. We’ve hacked them together to give you the best results possible.

Cool, but will this work in my obscure niche?

Most likely. Before you make a commitment to us, we promise to let you know if we can help. If we can’t, we’ll do our best to put you in touch with someone that can.

Great, now how long until I see results?

If you’re looking for overnight results, SEO is not what you’re looking for. In average cases you’ll need at least 6 months to get some ROI on your SEO investment.

We’ve gotten results in the first 3 months but you should give it about 6 months to reap more of the benefits.

Can you just help me and my team get setup so we can do the work ourselves, and save some money?

Yes. If you want us to get you setup and your team trained, we can do that. If you want us to the work for a few months then handoff to your internal team, we can do that to. You are always in control.

What happens if I don’t see results?

The content we create for you will rank on page one on Google within 4 months. If that doesn’t happen, we’ll throw in an extra month of content promotion and optimization for free to get you there. If that doesn’t work, you can pull the plug on us. No hard feelings.

Your $2,000+ monthly fee is out of budget for me, do you offer other options?

Yes, we can provide you with monthly consulting starting at $1,000 to get you and your team set up. Just let us know what you’re looking for when you reach out to us.