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18 Sales Page examples from top course creators

One of the best ways for you to get inspiration for your course, is to look at what other successful creators are doing.

There are endless examples of self-serve or evergreen courses.

But if you are planning on creating a cohort-based course or a membership program, it can be a bit harder to find good examples for you to look at.

That’s where this page comes in. We’ve put together a list of cohort-based courses and membership programs from some of the best creators we know, like David Perell, Tiago Forte, Khe Hy and Joanna Wiebe.

Plus, we’ll update this list with new courses we find along the the way, so you’ll know where to look for next time.

You can use the buttons below to filter results to what you want to see.  For example if you only want to see membership programs or CBC’s you can do that by clicking one of the buttons below.

Disclosure: All opinions expressed here are my own. This post may contain affiliate links that at no additional cost to you, I may earn a small commission.

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1. “The most successful conversion copywriters know that what ends up on the page is the final step of a methodical process.”

Copy School

Topic: Copywriting

Created by: Joanna Wiebe, Founder and CEO of Copyhackers

click the image to see the full-page screenshot

Copy School is a well known program from Joanna Wiebe.

The content in this program promises to go deep in key areas of copywriting like sales pages, campaign emails, winback funnels, upsells, homepages and more.

Be warned: If you visit this sales page you’ll probably  end up pulling out your credit card to buy a membership to Copy School.

The copy, as you’d expect, is very clear, magnetic and almost hypnotizing (in a good way). The sales page includes all of the key features you’d expect and then some.

Who is the Copy School program for?

Its  also suitable for SaaS, ecommerce, B2B and B2C making it a great solution to sharpen the copy of your sales and marketing assets.

What’s included in Copy School?

  • More than 300 hours of lessons
  • Dozens of Copyhackers templates
  • Exclusive Copyhackers community
  • 7-day money-back guarantee
  • Great for SaaS, ecommerce, B2B and B2C
  • Completion badges for LinkedIn
  • All Copy School training
  • Copy Quad private community
  • Live Weekly Copy Talks
  • $1497 per year

2. The community for creative entrepreneurs

The Futur Pro Group

Topic: Branding & Career development

Creator: Chris Do, Founder and CEO of The Futur

click the image to see the full-page screenshot

Great design is hard to describe.

But you know it when you see it.

Great design of experiences and products make our lives better, and can even make us feel happier.

The problem is that selling design work is hard.

How do you price that logo? What is that site redesign worth? How can you charge more without scaring away your clients?

Chris Do and his team dive deep into these questions and many more that keep designers up at night.

As a former Graphic and Web-Designer, I wish I knew about this program decades ago.

What’s included in the Futur Pro Group membership?

The Futur Pro group offers a monthly membership that gives you access to:

  • Weekly video calls
  • Content library
  • Themed groups (ex: Women’s group, Brand Strategy, Instagram)
  • Weekly networking events
  • Extras (ex: White-board sessions, YouTube streams, Clubhouse Rooms)
  • $150 monthly, $1495 per year

Who is The Futur Pro Group For?

The program is perfect for:

  • Graphic Designer, UI/UX Designers, and Motion Designers
  • Marketers, Brand Strategists, Business Consultants
  • Architects, Interior Designers, Photographers & Cinematographers

3. “Escape the Mediocre Majority of people who endlessly consume without ever producing.”

Write of Passage

Topic: Writing & Career Development

Creator: David Perell, Founder of Write of Passage

click the image to see the full-page screenshot

Words are the basis of all creative and professional content. So it makes sense that by mastering your ability to put them together will make you more likely to succeed. However, learning isn’t enough.

You must practice. But not in a vacuum.

In Write of Passage you will develop a systematic process for cultivating ideas, distilling them into writing, and sharing them with the people who can make the biggest difference in your career. -David Perell

Who is Write of Passage for?

This cohort-based course is great for anyone who wants to:

  1. Publish quality content
  2. Build a following
  3. Create intellectual assets
  4. Connect directly with peers, colleagues and leaders in your industry
  5. Boost your influence
  6. Increase the serendipity and opportunity in your life

What’s included in Write of Passage 

Write of Passage offer two tiers at the time of posting this list Essential and Premium. Here’s whats included in the premium package:

  • Lifetime access to Future Write of Passage Cohorts
  • 7 Modules: Live video and slide-based lectures packed with David’s best insights, examples, and recommendations.
  • 16 live sessions
  • 4 writing workshops
  • Access to student-only online forum
  • Advanced tutorials
  • Future updates to course content
  • 10 Deliverables: Writing assignments designed to level up your writing skills and publish more than you ever have before.
  • 12 Templates: Specially formatted to help you immediately apply each new lesson and technique to your career or business.
  • Live Interaction: Learn alongside a cohort of peers from around the world as you give each other feedback and share ideas.
  • Guest Interviews (Premium version only): Curated, actionable case studies with well-known content creators explaining their approaches.
  • $6000

4. “Do you consume tons of interesting information, but feel like it’s not leading to meaningful results in your life?”

Building a Second Brain

Topic: Productivity

Creator: Tiago Forte, Founder and CEO of Forte Labs

click the image to see the full-page screenshot

If you’re like most people, you consume way more content than you create, and you know you can create more.

If only there were a system for that..

Well, there is. Tiago Forte has created a 4-step process to help you consistently turn information into creative output: The C.O.D.E. System

  • Capture
  • Organize
  • Distill
  • Express

This program is very popular with productivity enthusiasts.

This sales page is also great. It has just the right balance of clear copy, clean layout, minimal images and graphics. Proving that you don’t need to break the bank on the graphics and design of your sales page.

What’s included in Building a Second Brain?

Like most cohort-based courses, Building a Second Brain offers different tiers. Here’s what’s included in their middle tier (Premium Edition):

  • 5x live Q&A sessions with Tiago
  • 5-unit pre-recorded curriculum
  • Private online discussion forum
  • Weekly alumni Mentor workshops
  • Second Brain resource vault
  • Curated library of top FAQ answers
  • Advanced tutorials – by Tiago and guest teachers
  • Exclusive interviews
  • 12-month membership to Praxis Blog
  • $3000

Who is Building a Second Brain for?

This course can be used by anyone out there that want’s to get more ideas out of their head including:

  • Entrepreneurs and freelancers
  • Content creators and writers
  • Productivity and self-improvement enthusiasts

5. “A successful blog is like a cheat code for your online business.”

Grow Your Blog Fast

Topic: Content Marketing

Creator: Brian Dean, Founder and CEO of Backlinko

click the image to see the full-page screenshot

I learned how to get better at SEO from Brian Dean.

But Grow Your Blog Fast, goes way beyond the tactics and strategies of SEO.

Its a course that will help you grow your business, using content marketing.

Will this be good for your SEO?
But more importantly, it will be great for your business.

Brian offers a tier where you can get support from him. And his private Facebook group has grown into a knowledgeable and helpful community of alumni from his courses.  Making this course feel more like a CBC than an evergreen course.

The sales page is one of the longest on this list. But not because its filled with fluff.

On the contrary. This page is packed with case studies from Brian and his customers, custom graphics and charts, images, his course roadmap and more. Definitely one of my favorites on the list.

What’s included in Grow Your Blog Fast?

Brian Dean offers two tiers, Complete and Standard. Here’s what’s included in the Complete option:

  • Unlimited consulting with Brian Dean (Are you kidding? I don’t think he’s ever offered this before)
  • Backlinko Insider Sessions
  • Over-the-shoulder tutorials
  • Never-before-shared templates, worksheets and checklists
  • Real-life case studies
  • Swipe files
  • Proven templates
  • Detailed teardowns
  • The Complete Grow your Blog Fast Training Course
  • Lifetime Updates
  • 12 monthly payments of $297

Who is Grow Your Blog Fast for?

This course is ideal for anyone that want’s to use a blog to grow their business. If you are a course creator and aren’t sure how to use your blog to grow your audience and sales for your course, GYBF is a solid solution. And the option to consult with Brian directly can dramatically increase your odds for success.

6. “Start doing $10,000/hour work, without a new tool or working longer hours”

Supercharge Your Productivity

Topic: Productivity

Creator: Khe Hy, Founder of Radreads

click the image to see the full-page screenshot

Don’t mistake for busy with progress.

This course is not about getting things done.

Its about getting the most important things done, at home and at work.

It’s easy for any of us to get busy. But busy work is not synonymous with progress.

Khe teaches you how you can finally achieve the big, harry, audacious, goals you’ve been putting off.

This sales page gets the job done. It has all of sections you would expect, and has engaging conversational style copy. The design follows the minimalist rad style of the brand.

Who is Supercharge Your Productivity for?

This course is designed for anyone that want’s to get more done in their life and work:

  • Entrepreneurs – Anyone starting a new business or scaling an existing one can get a lot of value out of SYP
  • High-skilled workers – Marketers, Consultants, Programmers and Project Managers are some of the most common job titles
  • Productivity nerds – You already have a productivity stack in place but you know you’re missing something.

What’s included in Supercharge your Productivity?

Supercharge Your Productivity offered 3 tiers (essential, premium, executive) in their previous cohort (7), and here’s what you get in the premium tier:

  • 8 live sessions with Khe
  • 10+ live office hours
  • 5+ live implementation showcases
  • 50 modules to learn Notion inside-out
  • Complete suite of 20+ templates
  • Real-time support via Slack
  • 3 month access to our alumni network
  • Lifetime access to course Wiki
  • 2 live Notion API workshops
  • 2 live “Supercharged Teams” workshops
  • 4 more weeks of Office Hours
  • Join future cohorts for 12
  • $2997

7. “Welcome to the high-trust, high-engagement, zero-hype world of conversational copywriting.”

Conversational Copywriting

Topic: Copywriting

Creator: Nick Usborne

click the image to see the full-page screenshot

Conversational Copywriting is a great course if you want to use a style of copywriting that is clear, and well conversational.

This course will help you to create sales pages that convert, write emails that sound like they were written by a real human, write blogs and social media content that engage your readers, and build websites that “communicate with openness and warmth.”

The sales page design is very light and simple, and is another example of a simple design that gets the job done. I would have liked to see a bit more contrast between the sections but this page has all of the key parts you’d want to see.

What’s included in Conversational Copywriting?

Nick offers a ton of value in his program with including 18 lectures a growing list of bonus materials plus:

  • 6 Homework assignments.
  • Access to me and fellow students through a private Facebook group. Indefinitely.
  • Live Video Q&A sessions once a month. Indefinitely.
  • One-time price of just $197
  • Two monthly payments of $105.

Who is Conversational Copywriting for?

“This course is a perfect fit for wherever transparency and trust are essential to a company’s success.

Maybe you’re a marketer or freelance copywriter serving a high-trust business. Or you’re a coach, consultant, speaker, counselor, trainer or other service professional.

Whatever your role, it’s essential that you create marketing messages that are aligned with the core values of the business you serve. In other words, put aside the old-school, in-your-face approach to sales copywriting.

And tap into the persuasive power of a more conversational voice.”

8. Marketers from “Semrush, BuzzSumo, and Airtable” use the ideas in this course

Content Hacker Superstar Ultimate Training Course Bundle

Topic: Copywriting

Creator: Julia McCoy

click the image to see the full-page screenshot

Julia has developed a number of courses to help you with your inbound marketing.

And the Content Hacker Superstar Ultimate Training Course Bundle, includes the best from all of them.

This is great because you can learn about content strategy, content marketing, SEO and more all in one course.

The sales page uses a lot of contrasting colors, custom graphics, screenshots and illustrations and manages to balance it all together very well.

It does not include a hero video at the top of the page, but it has a handful of videos through the page from customers that really help to add value to the page.

What’s included in Content Hacker Strategy Course?


  • ALL COURSES, All Access (Content Strategy & Marketing Course + Expert SEO Content Writer + Unlearn Essay Writing Course)
  • Lifetime Access
  • All Bonuses & Partner Discounts
  • Private Student Communities
  • Dual Certification
  • $1800 (Single Payment)
  • $325/month (6 payments)

Who is Content Hacker Strategy Course for?

As you can imagine this program is great for marketers that are in a content strategy or creation role. However, many entrepreneurs, consultants and freelancers are using Julia’s teachings to grow their audience with inbound marketing.

9. “Add 6 Figures to Your Annual Consulting Income”

Momentum Consulting Success

Topic: Business

Creator: Michael Zipursky

click the image to see the full-page screenshot

I first learned about Michael Zipursky through his podcast, and I had an instant crush on his content.

His funnel and nurture sequence are also really well put together, so join his newsletter to get a feel for it.

This sales page is very professional, and includes everything you could ever want in a sales page complete with faq’s, a concise and enticing offer, a course roadmap and more. The design is also very consistent with the Consulting Success brand.

What’s included in the Consulting Success Course?

The consulting success course is available in two tiers, the Starter, and Professional w/Live Monthly Calls. Here’s what’s included in the top tier: Momentum Course (Professional w/ Live Monthly Calls)

  • Full consulting training and implementation system
  • 51+ video trainings covering every area of starting and growing consulting business
  • 11 comprehensive lessons to help you start, run and grow a successful consulting business
  • 30 Day Fast Track step-by-step implementation guide
  • Templates, scripts for your proposals, marketing and more
  • Lifetime access. Never pay again!
  • One time fee, no recurring charges
  • 25 Day Satisfaction Guarantee will all orders
  • $1495Plus These Bonuses
  • How to Productize Your Consulting Services Training ($700 Value)
  • How to Boost Your Productivity Training ($400 Value)
  • How to Successfully Navigate Going from Employee to Consultant Training (a $100 Value)
  • What to Do to Get Your First Client Training (a $100 Value)
  • How to Diversify So You Don’t Rely on Just One Client Training (a $100 Value)
  • How to Use Virtual Roundtables to Land Executive Clients Training ($500 Value)
  • Over $1900 in bonuses included
  • Monthly LIVE Momentum Consulting Masterclasses for support and accountability ($3000+Value)

Who is Consulting Success Course for?

As you might have guessed this course is ideal for Consultants that want to scale their business.

A big challenge for many (myself included) consultants that want to scale is having a clear system to follow, know what to stop doing, and taking action. This course will help you with all three.

10. Learn to “Publish every day for 30 days..”

🚢Ship 30 for 30

Topic: Copywriting

Creators: Dickie Bush and Nicolas Cole

click the image to see the full-page screenshot

Writing is a cornerstone habit of all successful course creators I know.

So its no surprise that a course on how to build a writing habit in 30 days made it on this list. Dickie and Nicolas are experienced, hardworking and talented, and have led over 1,400 people through their program.

This sales page is a good example of a clean design, with some neat integrations with Airtable and Twitter to display customer testimonials, and Podia for their checkout flow. It’s also one of the few sales pages on this list with a dark background.

What’s included in Ship 30 for 30 Course?

I really like how simple the offer is for this course. Plus, the price point is more than fair. Especially if you grab the early-bird offer:

  • Learn the fundamentals of writing online in a cohort-based course
  • Write and publish every day for 30 days
  • Study with a mix of live sessions and asynchronous videos
  • Join a community of writers on the same journey as you
  • Build lifelong friendships with community accountability
  • Unlock a compendium of writing resources from all prior Ship 30 for 30 cohorts
  • EARLY BIRD: $350 until July 23rd
  • $450 from July 23rd until sign-ups close August 6th.

Who is Ship 30 for 30 Course for?

Ship 30 for 30 is a cohort-based course that has been taken by entrepreneurs, startup founders, course creators, copywriters and more.

This course is well priced, has a very specific and tangible outcome and has the support you need to start writing consistently.

11. “Build all the business systems you need to create a successful freelance business” as a designer

6-Figure Freelance Designer

Topic: Course Creation

Creator: Ran Segall, from Flux Academy

click the image to see the full-page screenshot

This sales page is hands down the cleanest and simplest of the list (so far). And it comes as no surprise.

That’s because it was designed by a world-class designer in Ran Segall, from Flux Academy.

The 6-Figure Freelance Designer, promises to help designers (web and graphic designers) to level up their business skills.

These skills are often never taught in programs like fine arts or graphic design, or web design programs. So, its great that Ran is sharing his experience of growing his consulting business with designers around the world.

What’s included in the 6-Figure Freelance Designer Course?

The curriculum here is focused entirely on the business skills you need to become a designer that earns 6-figures and beyond. It also assumes that you’ve got your design skills down, and focuses entirely on the other stuff you need to scale, namely:

  • Niching
  • Messaging
  • Website and Social Media
  • Client Attraction
  • Pricing
  • Sales & Negotiation
  • Outreach
  • Finances
  • Operations & Management
  • Client Relationships
  • Delegation
  • Systematic Growth
  • Three Month Plan: $278/month
  • Single Payment: $695

Who is 6-Figure Freelance Designer Course for?

This course is great for freelance designers, including web-designers, graphic designers, lettering experts, motion graphics consultants, video editors and more.

12. Growth Hacker and Growth Manager, top two emerging job roles in Marketing

Growth Hacking Immersive Course

Topic: Growth Marketing

Creator: Growth Tribe

click the image to see the full-page screenshot

After looking at dozens of pages from individual course creators, this sales page has the most institutional feel of all.

And that’s simply because it doesn’t use the identity or voice of a single person.

However, this may very well be one of the most structured programs we have on the list.

The Growth Hacking Immersive Course promises to give you the skills needed to brainstorm, plan and manage growth experiments. A

fter seeing some real growth experts in action at companies like Kettle & Fire, I can tell you first hand that a good Growth Marketing Leader is worth their weight in gold-plated macbook pro’s.

Their ability to make sense of all the noise, data, options, choices and simplify how to move forward enables you to move with greater speed, and certainty.

What’s included in the Growth Hacking Immersive Course?

I really like how restrained the Growth Tribe course managers were in putting the curriculum together for their course. Simply because there is so much they could’ve included. But I think they kept focused on teaching the absolute essentials to give you a solid understanding of growth marketing:

  • Data Analytics Immersive Course
  • Business Analytics Crash Course
  • Growth Hacking Immersive Course
  • Growth Strategies Crash Course
  • UX Design Immersive Course
  • Rethink Business Leadership Course

Who is the Growth Tribe Course for?

The course is perfect for:

  • Marketers – Learn more technical and full-funnel tactics
  • Product Managers – Learn scalable, repeatable methods to grow your products
  • UX Designers – If you work in UX and want to work better with data & experimentation.

13. “Learn how to run Growth Marketing like the pros at Uber, Hubspot, AngelList, Dropbox, Product Hunt and more.”

The Growth Series

Topic: Growth Marketing

Creators: Brian Balfour, Andrew Chen, Adam Grenier, from Reforge

click the image to see the full-page screenshot

The Growth Series is taught by seasoned veterans in from the tech space.

The creators of the program have experience working as  the head of Growth Marketing and Innovation at Uber, VP of Growth at Hubspot and advisors to startups like AngelList, Dropbox, Product Hunt and more.

So if you’re serious about your career as a growth marketer, look no further. Also this sales page is one of the most concise of the bunch. Their social proof and clarity is second to none.

What’s included in the Reforge Growth Series Course?

This is a Cohort Based Program, and as such is only open for registration a few times a year and you must be a member of Reforge to apply:

  • 6-weeks, part-time, virtual, and intense

  • Built and led by executives

  • Application focused

  • Live case studies with a cohort of peers


  • Access content from all programs

  • Step-by-step projects to help you execute

  • Weekly releases, events, and updates

  • Connect with peers solving similar problems

Who is the Reforge Growth Series Course for?

Product managers, marketers, designers, engineers, data analysts, and more that are new to growth and meet the criteria below:

✓ 3+ Years of Professional Experience                            

✓ Growth Related Role

✓ Strong Initiative

This course is not for people who are:

✗ Entry Level

✗ Career Switching

✗ CEO or Founder

14. “Checking off your to-do list should feel efficient, effective, and effortless”

Workflow Wonder

Topic: Productivity

Creator: Marian Knopp, Workflow Wonder

click the image to see the full-page screenshot

This sales page was created on the new Maven platform that helps you create and launch your cohort-based course (CBC).

Every sales page on the Maven platform appears to use the same template, but I don’t think that’s a bad thing.

As you can see with this sales page, it clearly highlights Marian, as the course creator, and provides the goods you need to know to make the sale.

If you’ve been stuck trying to get organized and want someone to give you a system that works for you and can help you customize your setup for your own needs, checkout this course.

Marian has helped other creators such as Khe Hy, and Billy Broas.
She also a Certified Administrative Professional (CAP), so she knows what she’s talking about.

What’s included in the Workflow Wonder Course?

Here’s what you’ll learn in the Workflow Wonder Course:

  • Live life intentionally.
  • Schedule your intentions to hold yourself accountable to what you’re committed to.
  • Be proactive instead of reactive.
  • Persistently prioritize.
  • Write “click-by-click” procedures for your recurring tasks.
  • Reach inbox zero everywhere
  • Follow-up with every person you are cultivating a relationship with (family, friends, customers, and colleagues).The course delivery also promises to give you:
  • Active Learning, not Passive Watching
  • Learn with a Cohort of Peers
  • Accountability
  • Feedback
  • Investment: $500

Who is Workflow Wonder Course for?

This course is for you if “you feel like you’re drowning in your workload”. If you are trying to juggle your course business, with a full time job, and family life this is probably going to help you get more done, without working longer hours.

15. “A systematic process to generate traffic & leads”

Grow and Convert

Topic: Content Marketing

Creator: Benji Hyam

click the image to see the full-page screenshot

This sales page has a very different feel compared to the others on this list.

That’s because it feels more like a case study. And, I really like it. It’s very easy to read.

The layout also feels like a blog post, so there isn’t the anticipation of seeing an offer on the page.

But, when you do see it it fits right in with the flow of the page.

Many of the common challenges mentioned in the hero video sound very familiar:

“We pick topics at random..”
“We don’t have a process for choosing what to write about..”
“We don’t think what we are writing conveys thought leadership..”

Those are just a few of the key obstacles this course promises to solve.

Now, what surprised me the most about this course was the price at only $699 for lifetime access. If the course is even half as good as it promises, I would easily consider this a steal.

What’s included in the Grow and Convert Course?

Here’s the curriculum for the Grow and Convert Content Marketing Course:

  • Step 1: Strategy: Most Marketers Pick Topics Haphazardly; You Will Know Which Topics Bring Ready-to-Buy Customers
  • Step 2: Writing: Most Content Is Beginner-Level Fluff; You’ll Learn How to Produce High-End Content That Will Impress Savvy Customers
  • Step 3: Promotion: Most Marketers Have No Method for Driving Traffic; You’ll Learn Our 2-Step Approach
  • Step 4: Conversions: Most Marketers Have No Idea How Much Business Content Is Bringing In; You’ll Know This on a Piece-by-Piece Basis
  • Benji and Devesh do live video Q&As with members and special guests.
  • Access to a private community of members
  • Investment: $699 (One-Time) or $135/month (for 6 months)

Who is Growth and Convert Course for?

The Grow and Convert program is targeted at marketers, founders, agency owners and entrepreneurs.

16. Business building membership specifically for moms

Nurture to Convert

Topic: Business

Creator: Dana Malstaff

click the image to see the full-page screenshot

Based on what I can see in Wayback Machine, this program has been around since 2018, and has gone through a few redesigns since.

What I can also see is that the Dana has made incremental updates to her program.

Today’s version of the program is very clearly focused on building a business, and covers fundamental areas such as: Defining your business model, avatar, messaging, funnel, content, promotion and more.

What’s also unique about this program is that it’s the only one on the list that is so tightly focused on a single avatar: Mom’s that run their own business (aka boss moms).

So if you are thinking of targeting a very specific avatar with your course or membership, take a look at this page to get a few ideas on how they are packaging their offer.

As a side note, I really like the name of this program because I’ve also found that a large number of conversions come out of nurture sequences.

What’s included in the Nurture to Convert membership?

The Nurture to Convert program is a monthly membership, and includes several modules on how to build and scale your business. It also includes:

  • Society Facebook Group
  • The fundamentals content
  • Nurture to Convert System
  • Workbooks, training & more
  • Investment: $47/month (no commitment)

Who is Nurture to Convert Course for?

Mom’s that run their own business, and who are looking for a proven system to scale their business.

17. Make Money from YouTube and Learn from a Nice Guy

Part-Time Youtuber Academy

Topic: YouTube, Video

Creator: Ali Abdaal

click the image to see the full-page screenshot

If you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, let me introduce you to Ali Abdaal: The seemingly (I haven’t met him, yet) incredibly nice dude, who lives in the UK, former Doctor turned Youtuber, who you love to watch share about his favorite books, & projects. Ring any bells? Well, if not, check him out, he’s on to something. His sales page is great if you are looking for a simple-created-in-notion feel to it. This sales page is also great because:

  1. The promise of the course is very clear and tangible
  2. The course roadmap is clear
  3. The testimonials gives you a clear idea of what other people got out of the program

Unlike a few of the other YouTube courses I considered adding to this list, Ali’s course is the only one that included support and coaching. Having taken dozens of courses and programs myself, I can tell you that support and coaching can make all of the difference in your learning experience.

What’s included in the Part-Time Youtuber Academy?

The Part-Time Youtuber Academy is offered in 3 tiers: standard, premium and executive (if you want direct access to Ali, get that one). Here’s what’s included in the Premium package:

Premium (Best Value)

  • Everything in the Essential Package
  • Lifetime access to all future course content updates, including live session recordings, videos, worksheets, and bonus material from all future cohorts.
  • Free enrollment in the next live cohort (Autumn 2021) so you can get the full course experience a second time to consolidate your learning
  • Bonus Guest interviews with successful YouTubers + teams
  • $2,495 (Sold Out)

Who is Part-Time Youtuber Academy Course for?

  • ‘Serious’ Beginners

  • Intermediate YouTubers

  • Entrepreneurs & Freelancers

  • Bloggers and Podcasters

  • Fans of Ali Abdaal

sales page examples
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18. You don’t need an MBA. You need to learn to make change happen.


Topic: Career Growth

Creators: Seth Godin, Wes Kao

click the image to see the full-page screenshot

This isn’t so much of a sales page, as it is a sales website.

The other examples shared here include mainly sales pages that are laid out on a single page.

Like the program from Reforge, the altMBA requires an application for you to be considered, and its capped at 125 students.

The layout, videos, copywriting and branding of this site are second to none.

So check this out for some inspiration.

I’ve noted down a few things I like about the altMBA’s sales page:

1. Launch list – The entire website is designed to get people to raise their hand and join an email list.
This is one of the key metrics you should focus on if you are running launches (evergreen included).

2. Multi-page sales – Different people will respond differently to your sales and marketing assets. I think the multi-page approach used here allows different buyer types (ex: analytical, assertive, amiable, expressive) to engage with the website in a way that feels best for them.

3. High-ticket – The Admission fee of $4,450 is very cool because it’s higher than most programs on this list, and most online courses you’ll see these days. Plus, they aren’t directing you to a sales call. Most experts will tell you that you need to have a sales call or team in place to sell high-ticket offers like this. But it looks like the team at altMBA are choosing to do things a bit differently. I like it.

What’s included in the altMBA Course?

The altMBA includes a capstone project (

  • A 31-day online leadership workshop
  • Insights, perspectives and support of global classmates
  • Two dedicated coaches to mentor and inspire students throughout the workshop
  • 13 prompts focused on skills and tools to create habits, change mindset and push goals forward
  • 3 live Zoom meetings each week for discussion, collaboration, and connection

Who is altMBA Course for?

Common goals of students:

  • Level up current leadership and management skills
  • Transition career
  • Start a business
  • Clarity on next professional steps
  • Develop a product
  • Age: 16 to 80 years old. However, most students will fall between 30 – 50 years old.

Career Level: Mid-level or above Work experience: ~10 years experience


There you have it, a list of sales pages from a variety of creators and courses.

Please let me know in the comments below which sales page example you like the most?

Is there a sales page you think I should’ve included?

Also are you interested in a sales page template? I have I can share that’s built in Elementor.

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